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Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard

F = (O+C+P)E

What Are Your Issues? Core Business Components

F. Finance (Monday)

  • Tracking Money
  • Managing Cash & Credit
  • Investing in the Business

O. Operations (Tuesday)

  • Making Products
  • Delivering Services
  • Building the Back Office

C. Customers (Wednesday)

  • Marketing - Find and Attract the Willing
  • Sales - Close by Solving Problems
  • Service - Turning Experience into an Upsale

P. People (Thursday)

  • Hiring - Find, Select, and Onboard
  • Developing - Build Skills and Commitment
  • Compensating - Pay4Performance, Variable Compensation for Everyone

E. Ownership (Friday)

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Customers
  • People

Select the issues you need to resolve now. This will provide the best day of the week to listen. That is all you need to build a customer partnership with the team at IBGR - Let's Grow Together.

We have been in business 6 months and the Covid-19 shut down has seriously hurt sales and we are close to closing - we are a Stage II company which means the 1-2pm Track in North America, the 9-10am Track in Sydney, the 10:30-11:30am Track in Mumbai, and the 12-1pm Track in London.

Right now my major issues are Managing Cash Flow, Getting Sales, and how to Manage this Mess - the best days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to listen live.

My Listening Schedule in North America: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 1pm, Friday 1pm.

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