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OnAir Talent
OnAir Talent

All of our OnAir Talent are highly successful, mostly serial entrepreneurs with a heart and a passion to share their experience during their live radio shows and in this community. Our mission is to provide quality programming and to be the best value - affordable regardless of the business's current success and resources.

Together we are making a global impact by providing resources to equip business owners around the world for fast and sustainable growth. This leads to increased family income with a focus on creating generational wealth, flourishing communities, and robust economies.

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Check me out this Tuesday at 730pm LIVE on Facebook to hear me in a discussion with BEI about Black entrepreneurial access to capital, the hurdles to overcome, and how to overcome them. 💪🏽🕴🏽🔥 #allthingsdavidwilson #TheBusinessSavage #rva #jerseystrong #jersey #entrep... (More)
Maria Hargis
Artist, Small Business Owner
This past year, I had to work less on online market and more on development my setup for local events. More events have been popping up and so I am more focus on my Fine Art and selling my painting.... (More)
Maria Hargis
Artist, Small Business Owner
I am thinking about getting my LLC for I may end up opening up my own art gallery in the future. Right now I am research and scotting out some areas I may want to buy my own building. I... (More)
Jeremy GrayonAir Talent
CFO/COO - Advisor to Entrepreneurs and SMEs
I am truly excited to be back with IBGR for Season 5. During the season. I will be discussing what you need to know if you are considering expanding overseas. Reflecting my Asia base I will be producing a weekly... (More)