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Stages of Growth
Stages of Growth

Stages of Business Growth & A Different Type of Business Plan

Where Is Your Business In It's Growth Stage? Knowing your current stage is the best way to avoid the failure points and grow to the next stage. 

Starting A Business - PERFORMANCE PLAN

  • Stage I: Dream2Plan -
  • Stage II: GoLive - Open for Business

Growing To Your Potential - PROFIT PLAN

  • Stage III: Next Act - Building & Fixing What Is Missing
  • Stage IV: Hockey Stick Growth - Achieving Full Potential

Exiting Your Business or Reinventing - RENEWAL PLAN

  • Stage V: Sell or Self Fund - Maximize Profits
  • Stage VI: Rethink Everything - New Offer, New Processes
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Maria Hargis
Artist, Small Business Owner
I thought about the next part of the post I did on goals with William Eastman suggestion. However, I feel like some area of topics would not be good coming from me on some subjects. So I was thinking if... (More)
Maria Hargis
Artist, Small Business Owner
I have to say figure out goals are not so easy because just because you are good at something does not equal success. There is more that goes into it. This is my latest post from my blog on the... (More)