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AGILEAN Operations (Companion to our Tuesday Programming)
AGILEAN Operations (Companion to our Tuesday Programming)
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A working group accessing our IBGR's Process Experts and it's Library of Best Practices for Operations. It is for both show hosts providing advice and business owners seeking insights on how to become the lowest cost producer in their markets.

This group is not intended for immediate communications between members of the IBGR OnAir Talent - that is the purpose of Slack. This is the space to engage in a more involved conversation about the agilean models and tools provided to Community Members, responding to their questions, and helping them to use it effectively.

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William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager
We are building a template for using Notion as your intranet. It won't do everything (not a good platform for CRM but we have a solve for that). This will be both a template to download and a process (with... (More)
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Episode 2: Designing Your Predictable Profit Plan (part 1)

Key factors to a successful plan?

1️⃣ Pricing

  1. "Pricing is the linchpin of your business" and we used a simple formula to analyze your prices:
  2. What are your expenses - monthly, quarterly, yearly?
  3. What are your salary/payroll needs? (How much... (More)