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IBGR Community of Commerce
IBGR Community of Commerce
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👋 Welcome to our version of the Chamber of Commerce! 



Hi everyone! We’re so excited to have you here. 😄


This community has one goal - your success as a business owner to build generational wealth for your family. That growth will create more and better jobs in your local community: Success>Wealth>Prosperity.


Your Community of Commerce is a place for members to share experience, build meaningful connections, and support one another. We are excited and grateful for all of the ideas, strategies and tips that you'll bring to this community. 


How is the Community of Commerce different than the Community Home (News Feed)

The Community "Home" is also called your News Feed or Main Feed. It is used as a place for you to see all the activity happening in your groups and the people and topics you follow without having to actually click into each one. 

Posting to the Main Feed is a great place for general posts that all members will see in their News Feed, regardless of whether they are in your group or follow you. 

From your News Feed, you can follow topics and join themed groups to connect directly with our onAir Talent and share your best business building strategies, challenges and wins associated the group and topic themes.


This group, your Community of Commerce, is the place to build meaningful and strategic business connections by getting to know other members in the group. 


Community Rules: 

  1. Have a profile picture! It's all about the human connection so let's put a face to that name.
  2. Update title and bio Tell the community who you are and what you are working on by going to your profile and clicking on the edit option.



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William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager
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Maria Hargis
Artist, Small Business Owner
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