Had a great meeting yesterday with Joakim Fohlman @Cubimo on using their platform to (1) extend the app capabilities to be a full featured application tool, and (2) provide a new revenue stream for you.

Here are the results of our meeting:
+ My first training project as an example for everybody and to solve a problem before it becomes critical; how to use the community platform
+ second project is how to use the website; focus on search and business directory
+ third project is how to use the app; by then we should be able to access courses on the Cubimo platform from the app!

None of these will be revenue producing for the station. The help I need is a commitment to take each of the courses and test it out. The upside for you is 2 fold: (1) we can provide better training to new members of the community to use our tools and provide you engagement opportunities, (2) cut down the learning curve to produce your own paid courses.

I will let you know the the first courses are ready for testing. Thanx in advance.