Your business matters! You Matter! The economy is forecasted to pick up as we move further into 2021 and I want you to be prepared to take advantage of growth opportunities. You have to sell products and services to continue to provide for your family and to make a contribution to your local economy. Don’t miss out on potential customers because you are singularly focused on the destination, while paying little attention to your customer’s journey. Your customer’s journey is just as important as the destination. Designing your customer’s journey is crucial in moving your potential customers from being aware of your product to purchasing your product. Don’t forget the power of the journey.

Episode Objectives - The Why
The focus of this season has been on building a community. At this point we have discussed identifying your customer, their pain points and how your product provides a solution to their specific problem. You have done the hard work of designing your offer and now it is time to take your customers on a journey from awareness to action. The objective of this week is to provide the key elements and the steps needed to design your customer’s journey.

Key Issues - Owner Perspective:
A great offer is not enough you have to take your customer on a journey
Your customer journey creates a pipeline of qualified leads
Qualified leads streamlines your sales process

What You Need to Know - The What
Sales Funnels: A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer from awareness to buying your product. It is a fundamental way for any business to model their marketing and sales systems to work together to first connect with a lead and then convert that prospect into a customer. There are several elements to a well-defined funnel but at a minimum they have to include:

Top of funnel: Lead generation phase. Increase brand awareness and attract potential customers
Awareness & Problem Recognition
Interest & Information Search

Middle of Funnel: Information Phase where you are providing more information to help the customer make their decision.
Consideration & Evaluation
Intent & Commitment

Bottom of the Funnel: Emphasis is on a great customer experience (not just customer service). You are not just converting a qualified lead into a customer. You are converting a paying customer into a raving fan.
Conversion & Purchase
Loyalty & Advocacy

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What You Need to Do - The How
• Design a container for your customer
• Concisely define your customer journey
• Invite your customer on the journey
• Ethically lead your customer along the journey
• Show your customer the promise of your product

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