If so, then the world will see that the emperor truly is naked, and the currency will collapse.
by Jay Zawatsky

(I made it a rule to write my own material. However this week part of the Executive Team are at a Retreat evaluation 2020 and planning for 2021. I came across this article, thought it magnificent - truly worth considering and I don't have the investigatory time to write my own. Read and ponder - it is part of today's discussion on Marketing & Sales. Eastman)

The grinding “wealth gap” recession into which the American middle class and working class were thrust three decades ago, as manufacturing jobs were off-shored by self-interested politicos of both parties, is about to morph into a depression. Certainly not your average, run-of-the-mill, two or three-quarters of negative GDP type recession. Not the eleven-month 1921–22-style of depression. Not even the long depression referred to now as the Great Depression. But a multiyear fiasco that might be better described as “devastation.” And if this devastation not only dramatically lowered the living standards of the aforenamed economic classes but had an even greater impact on the upper class, which has been so advantaged for two decades by the frequent eruptions of money from the Federal Reserve, then it would be sure to make Bolsheviks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez happy. Of course, the truly elite, the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent, basically the billionaire class, will be insulated; indeed, they will grow even richer and more powerful, as they scoop up, with their Fed-fueled, crony, fascist profits and access to Federal Reserve cash, all of the assets that will be subject to worldwide fire sales.

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