You had to pivot your business practices to account for the impacts of COVID-19, the travel restrictions, stay at home orders, and limits on large gatherings.  I do not think there was any industry that was untouched by this pandemic.  Several companies were accelerated their plans for adding an online/e-commerce function to their business, which may have been the only way those companies survived.  The consumer behavior over the past year almost necessitated that companies expand their online presence.  One of the primary ways that companies maintain an online presence is through this website.  It is easier than ever to purchase a domain name and go live with a website.  A website is just a place holding place, a blank canvas, waiting for you to invite your customer into a story.  What story do you want to tell? Who are you telling the story to?

Episode Objectives - The Why

The website you have may not be the website that you need to grow you into the future.  The key question to answer is what the primary purpose of your website is.  Is your website clear on what you are selling and is it packaged to sell? Your website is one of the primary ways in which you engage your customers.  It is part of the path that you use to build your community and to sell your products, I mean the solutions to your target customer’s problem.  There are many possible purposes for a website but today we want to focus in on a website designed and built for attracting and converting leads into clients.  The objective of this episode is to provide an overview of the elements that must be considered when building a conversion focused website.

Key Issues - Owner Perspective:

  • The Purpose of your website will drive the messaging
  • Know Who you are trying to reach
  • Noise only gets in the way – Stay Focused and Stay profitable 


What You Need to Know - The What

1. Why did your build your website?

  • Sell Products and Services
  • Provide a platform for others to sell their products
  • Reduce costs or other expenses related to marketing
  • Build and Maintenance an online presence
  • Provide social proof
  • Showcase your authority
  • Generate leads Nurture Sales
  • Educational
  • Informational
  • Entertainment
  • Express Your Creativity
  • Express Your Opinions (Blogging/newsletter)
  • Build a Relationship with your Audience
  • Generate Revenue (Make Money)

2.  Know you numbers – Are you achieving your Website WHY? Communication is Key 

  • How are you determining if your website is actually achieving what you set out to do?
  • You need to pivot if you are not getting the results that you want
  • Communication is not what you say or you intent but is it the actual response that you receive from the intended listener.  Is your website, based on the response of your target audience, effectively communicating?

3.  Focuses on what matters

Time for a website messaging audit

Test to see what your website is actually communicating. You may be surprised at what you find. Ask a few friends on people that may not know exactly what you do or are not as familiar with the details to take a look at your website.  You want to know if after brier review is they can tell you the problem that your company solves and what products/services that you offer.

What You Need to Do - The How

 Focus on What Matters

  • The controlling idea that on your website
  • Tailoring your message for your audience
  • Clearly state the problem that you are solving
  • Design your product ladder as part of your customer journey.
  • Make it easy for people to do business with you
  • Give a glimpse of the transformation that your solution provides
  • Make it easy 

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