Building your brand as a company and an individual takes time.  You want people to instantly recognize what your company stands for.  You can have a catchy slogan and all of the right marketing and sales copy but that type of brand recognition that you want is built through every interaction that you have with your potential customer. Anyone can say the right things but not everyone backs up their words with actions.  The reality of your brand has to permeate through your entire process and your entire organization.  We have talked extensively about each step of your customer journey and how you need to see the world through the eyes of your customer.  It is critical in managing your brand to continue to engage you community.  The actions that you take will help build credibility with your audience allowing you to build your community, your customers and transform customers into long-term clients.   

 Episode Objectives - The Why

Brand management is not reserved for big corporations with large marketing budgets. The size of your marketing budget does not always correspond to the size of the impact of your brand. As a small business owner you want to amplify the impact of your brand to create instant recognition of the problem that you solve and the value that you bring.  The objective of this episode is to level the playing field by providing you with budget friendly suggestions for to amplify your brand.

Key Issues - Owner Perspective:

  • The power of your brand is experienced through your customers
  • Branding is more that style, fonts, colors, pictures but it also includes your actions
  • Our brand is not what we do but part of who we are


What You Need to Know - The What

1. You have at least two brands – Your personal brand and your Business Brand

  • Personal Brand
  • Business Brand

2.  Your branding shows up everywhere you are 

  • Website
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Comments

3.  Your brand is impacted by everything that you do

  • Positive Impacts
  • Negative Impacts

4.  Brand Evaluation

Brand evaluation refers to the measurement of the value of a brand using relevant indicators that assess the impact of the brand on customers/users. Brand evaluation includes both monetary considerations (i.e. brand value) and non-monetary considerations (i.e. brand strength and brand equity).

What You Need to Do - The How

1.  Conduct a brand evaluation

  • What does your brand stand for?  What do you want your company to be known for?
  • Talk to the source – Your customers are going to be a key source of information about the perception of your brand.
  • Review your web and social media assets
  • Review your sales data in the context of the customer journey
  • External factors

2.  Be consistent (Budget Friendly Solution)

  • In your actions
  • Do what you say you are going to do, when you said you were going to do it
  • In the way you show-up on social media
  • In the way you show-up in other venues
  • If you have a style guide, then use it consistently
  • If you do not have a style guide then develop one

3.  Use the power of your community 

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Referrals

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