Terms of Service

After joining many platforms over the years we will keep this simple:

1. Treat everybody with the same respect you expect. There are no snowflakes here but keep the volume down - it's not good business.
2. No comment is out of bounds but let's keep the dialog civil. Personal attacks will not provide the type of information or insights you need for business success.
3. We are all in a different place on our entrepreneurship journey. Remember where you came from and how it felt when there was nobody to answer dumb questions.
4. If somebody provides you a nugget of information that makes a difference, give them credit.
5. Any IP (Intellectual Property) shared is still the property of the owner. if you intend to do something with it external to your business (like sell it), make sure you work a deal with them. We are all capitalists here, not socialists.

The team at IBGR reserve the right to terminate any individual or organization that violates these 5 simple Community rules. If it happens - here is what we'll be thinking "Come On Man, Really?"