We often lament about how we MISSED that opportunity--whatever THAT may be. Had I invested in _ _ _ I would've had $1M by now. Had I gone into the plastics business with my childhood friend, I never would've been stuck at this stupid Savings & Loan in Bedford Falls.

Isn't that a LACK mentality? It suggests that the number of opportunities is finite, and if you don't get ONE of them, they'll just run out. Nope! Just the opposite.

The universe is FULL of opportunity--positive vibration, that is. So, be happy for anyone whenever they benefit from a great opportunity because yours is on the way!

So, make the SAVVEE SHIFT! Think ABUNDANCE instead of thinking LACK! Go seize the opportunity and don't look BACK!

(See what I did there? Bars.)

Have a marvelous day, and STAY SAVAGE, My Friends! 🕴️🔥💪🏾

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