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Maria Hargis
Artist, Small Business Owner
Asked a question 2 years ago

How would you create a resume that description all your skills you learn from running your own business? Do you do a timeline for all your milestones or/and would you include your failure that show how you learn?

Teena Ogbugoh onAir Talent
Hi Maria Hargis great questions. As an entrepreneur or business owner, First determine the purpose (why) you are creating the resume. Focus on your achievements and milestones. Talk about your achievements, experiences and important skills in details. You can also talk about the lessons you have learned on your journey as a business owner.
Maria Hargis
Teena Ogbugoh There are many of us who are freelance so we may have to apply for contract work. For example, I may apply for job post for a graphic designer. There are time when I do need to work for someone else. I am still a freelance, but I maybe hired for a project.
William Eastman Chief
here are 2 questions that come to m9nd: what are your core competencies - what are you really good at, and 2. the customers who stay with you - what about the deliverable and the experience makes them repeat buy?

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