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Business Success
Business Success

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Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey - Episode 12: My website has traffic but no sales or leads, What’s next?


You had to pivot your business practices to account for the impacts of COVID-19, the travel restrictions, stay at home orders, and limits on large gatherings. I do not think there was any industry that was untouched by this... (More)

Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey - Episode 11: Customer Referrals - Why You Are Not Getting the Results That You Want.


Marketing plays a key role in the growth of any business and this is certainly true of your business. Marketing helps to educate your target customer on who you are the products that you have to offer. You can... (More)

Show Notes Better You 4U An Entrepreneurs Journey - Episode 10 Building Your Brand is Just the Start


Building your brand as a company and an individual takes time. You want people to instantly recognize what your company stands for. You can have a catchy slogan and all of the right marketing and sales copy but that... (More)

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