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Community Tips
Community Tips

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William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager
Terms of Service After joining many platforms over the years we will keep this simple: 1. Treat everybody with the same respect you expect. There are no snowflakes here but keep the volume down - it's not good business. 2.... (More)
Sarita JohanonAir Talent
Founder SJ Coaching and Maximum You
Following from my interview with John Stead from HMH Accounting we spoke about how to navigate the financial conversation in Dynamic partner ships, what you need to know and how to stay financially fit. Feel free to share, with compliments... (More)
Which Mindset are you choosing today?
Do you have Dreams? Are they so big that they sometimes scare you. If you never take action you will never live the life of your dreams. Believe in the power of You. Dream Big, Set Goals, and Take Action.... (More)