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Owner as Executive 'OWN IT"
Shift the focus from working IN the business to working ON it. How do you create a money-making machine? You are embedding into the DNA of the business your wealth and talent. Make it pay-off not only when you sell it but every day it is open to become the investment of choice.

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Donna Kunde
IBGR Marketing, Sales & Services

I should have written this!The Jackpot Chronicles Scenario #4: Atlas Shrugged [...]

Atlas Is Shrugging: Forget 'The Great Reset', Here Comes 'The Great Reject' - a reprint from zero hedge

Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey - Episode 11: Customer Referrals - Why You Are Not Getting the Results That You Want.


Marketing plays a key role in the growth of any business and this is certainly true of your business. Marketing helps to educate your target customer on who you are the products that you have to offer. You can... (More)