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open kimono
open kimono adjective that means slightly indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive. No sex here rather use it as a metaphor for exposing your business honestly without trying to cover up...

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Check me out this Tuesday at 730pm LIVE on Facebook to hear me in a discussion with BEI about Black entrepreneurial access to capital, the hurdles to overcome, and how to overcome them. 💪🏽🕴🏽🔥 #allthingsdavidwilson #TheBusinessSavage #rva #jerseystrong #jersey #entrep... (More)
William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager

#2 Our primary value proposition is 'customer intimate' and the corresponding business model is 'demand based programming'. The following are my questions for you to help with programming:

  1. What topics related to FINANCE, dealing with the financial demands of your business, should we cover in Season 4 (January - March 2021)?
  2. What topics related to OPERATIONS, dealing with the demands of running your business - both producing for... (More)
William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager

#1 - Building supply and demand at the same time.

One element that is unique of about IBGR is we had to build both the supply (programming) and demand (listeners) almost simultaneously. Our decision was to bring on business owners with defined areas of expertise on as hosts to supply... (More)