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People "STAFF IT"
How to attract, select, develop, and compensate the best people. Nobody has a farm where they grow employees, instead the best are attracted to companies that meet their needs - their pain points. How do we take the CREATE and BUILD themes to become the employer of choice.

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Check me out this Tuesday at 730pm LIVE on Facebook to hear me in a discussion with BEI about Black entrepreneurial access to capital, the hurdles to overcome, and how to overcome them. 💪🏽🕴🏽🔥 #allthingsdavidwilson #TheBusinessSavage #rva #jerseystrong #jersey #entrep... (More)

Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey - Episode 12: My website has traffic but no sales or leads, What’s next?


You had to pivot your business practices to account for the impacts of COVID-19, the travel restrictions, stay at home orders, and limits on large gatherings. I do not think there was any industry that was untouched by this... (More)

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