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RIDE YOUR HORSES TO REFERRAL SOURCES! On today's show, we're going to discuss business REFERRAL SOURCES--what they are, how to find them, and what to say to them to build relationships and grow our businesses! Get the REMINDER in the... (More)
William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager
Interesting concept - go there for a second. If it cost you $500 USD to acquire a new customer, what if you paid prospects $500 to take the meeting?
Donna Kunde
IBGR Marketing, Sales & Services

"I can't sell my products even though there is a lot of demand"

A listener has asked the question -

I can't sell my products yet there is a LOT OF DEMAND!

I am selling Face masks, gloves, Googles, and shields .

People I mailed haven't replied yet and I have a professional... (More)

William EastmanChief
Station Director, Operations & Program Manager
Here is my mind twister for all group members: "good service is not a random act of kindness, it is SALES!" That is how we built a consulting process around the book Raving Fans.