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Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey - Episode 11: Customer Referrals - Why You Are Not Getting the Results That You Want.


Marketing plays a key role in the growth of any business and this is certainly true of your business. Marketing helps to educate your target customer on who you are the products that you have to offer. You can... (More)

Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneurs Journey Episode 9 The Importance of Your Call to Action


Have you heard this before, “The product actually sells itself” or something like “You don’t have to ask for the sale, the customer will see the benefits and will naturally buy the product?” Let me tell you something, those... (More)

Show Notes Better Your 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey - Episode 8 Experience in the Best Teacher - Unleash the Power of Your Customer's Stories


Who is in the best position to talk about your product, your promise, and the transformation that it provides? Are you the best person to talk about your products and services? In the beginning you are the only person... (More)

Show Notes Better You 4U an Entrepreneur's Journey Episode 7 - Delivering Your Promise


I am just going to ask you point blank, “Are you a person of your word?” Do you follow through on the promises that you make? I hope that the answer is yes and that your actions are true... (More)